Birdie on Cup Handle - Assemblage

Handcrafted in the Scottish Borders

Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, pieces may vary slightly to those shown in photographs.

A jolly little birdie assemblage made from embossed copper sheet with a pretty china wing, twirled brass beaded tail and a soldered tin beak. Perched on a vintage china teacup handle with handmade porcelain flowers, and then finished in crystalline verdigris. He is 65mm from top to bottom and comes in a gift box with a signed booklet.

When digging my wild and unruly garden I am often accompanied by a friendly robin or inquisitive wagtail, searching for a tasty grub or worm. This is their world with the plants and flowers providing them with food and shelter. The early hours vibrate to the sound of their dawn chorus.
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