Single oak sconce

Handcrafted in the Scottish Borders

Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, pieces may vary slightly to those shown in photographs.

A handmade wrought iron wall bracket and sconce is covered in copper oak leaves and stems twineing around to give a truely romantic and whimsical feel. The copperwork has been patinated verdigris and the wrought iron has a rust finish. With a tapered candle holder it allows a variety of candle sizes to be inserted. The ironwork is welded by Brian 'Mr Beastie' and the copper decoration is made and soldered by Linda 'Mrs Beastie' in the Scottish Borders. It measures 220mm x 125mm and comes boxed with a signed certificate. Due to it being made by hand each sconce will vary slightly to the photograph.

I developed these sconces in January, such a gloomy month. I found that lighting a candle in the evening really helped lift the mood but struggled to find any affordable sconces I liked. So I made my own x
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