Maypole Mice

Handcrafted in the Scottish Borders

Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, pieces may vary slightly to those shown in photographs.

These jolly dancing mice are made from embossed copper sheet with vintage china ears , brass whiskers and tails. They are dancing on a hill of more broken china fragments under a maypole with an antique lace trim and ribbons of copper. It is coated in crystalline verdigris. The assemblage is mounted and signed on acid free off white card in a white contemporary style open grain wooden box frame, 230mm x 280mm.

Growing up in Shropshire I attended Ditton Priors primary school and it was compulsory for us to learn a few dances around the maypole, but I loved it! wearing a pretty white dress skipping around the pretty pole, but woe betide if you dropped your ribbon and spoiled the pattern coming down the pole!
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