Make a Wish - Framed Assemblage

Handcrafted in the Scottish Borders

Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, pieces may vary slightly to those shown in photographs.

This inquisitive mouse is made from embossed copper sheet and glass button with a twisted brass tail and fine whiskers, his ear is fashioned from a piece of pretty china. Together with the copper and brass dandelion clock it is assembled on a piece of vintage crockery, then finished in crystalline verdigris. It is mounted and signed on acid free off white card in a cream contemporary style open grain wooden box frame, 220mm x 260mm.

The large grassy bank at the back of my garden is alive with little colonies of mice hiding from the large Kestrel that perches on top of the telegraph pole, but this cheeky fellow has bravely come out into the sunshine to see the dragonfly flitting around the dandelion clock.
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